Introduced in 2024, Vybe Vault RnB is a cutting-edge artist showcase platform dedicated to developing and elevating the next stars of the R&B genre. Vybe Vault RnB is set to transform the R&B music scene by providing artists with the essential tools and knowledge to excel. By showcasing talent in front of top industry executives, we help artists achieve excellence in crucial areas like artist development. Our mission is to serve as a springboard for emerging talent, offering unmatched opportunities and paving the way for the next generation of iconic voices.

The inaugural Vybe Vault RnB Showcase, held on May 15th at The Sultan Room in Brooklyn, NY, was a phenomenal success. It spotlighted the exceptional talent of ADAM NESS, our first Grand Prize winner. As part of his prize, Adam is now benefiting from Vybe Vault RnB’s Artist Mentorship Program, under the mentorship of Grammy Award-winning producer Troy Taylor (Usher, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklyn, Trey Songz, and more).

On September 4th, participating artists will once again compete for prestigious prizes and access invaluable resources. Each registered artist will have the chance to win prizes, including a $5,000 gift certificate from Sweetwater.com, empowering them to establish their own home recording setups. At Vybe Vault RnB, our dedication goes beyond showcasing talent; we aim to foster lasting connections between artists and the industry. Each Vybe Vault RnB Showcase will feature esteemed VIP guests, including talent booking agencies, radio personalities, music licensing experts, publishers, artist development professionals, and music producers.

Additionally, we have curated a mentorship program designed to nurture the winners' growth. Each winner will have the privilege of engaging with renowned figures like Fat Joe, Rotimi, Eric Bellinger, and acclaimed producers such as Troy Taylor and Hitmaka. They will receive invaluable advice once a week for a month, ensuring they have the support needed to thrive in the competitive music industry.



Morace Landy is a legendary figure in the music industry, with a stellar career spanning several decades. He has left his mark at prestigious record labels like Atlantic, Epic, Island, and Warner/Reprise, where he developed an extraordinary knack for identifying and nurturing new talent. As a musician and an innovator, Morace's passion for music and his trailblazing approach have made him a pioneer in Urban radio promotion.

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Elaine is a passionate health and wellness advocate, deeply committed to encouraging individuals to prioritize their health through nutritious eating, maintaining a positive mindset, and engaging in regular physical activity. With a rich background in fostering wellness, she has developed a keen understanding of the profound benefits that a balanced lifestyle offers, particularly in enhancing physical fitness, elevating mood, and reducing stress levels.

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